Web Development

Looking for a web director?
Maybe you are considering rebuilding your website or maybe want to go headless/JAM-Stack and do not know where to start?

That’s when you contact me. My name is Viktor Ohlin and over the years as a self-taught developer and technician, I have learned a lot about the internet and all it’s capabilities, not only that I program (HTML/CSS/SASS/JS/JSX) and design web pages and UX (user experience), I also operate as a web director to help you make the right decision for your website or application.


  • UX
  • SEO
  • JavaScript / JSX
  • Node.js
  • Headless / JAM-Stack
  • WordPress

Some of my clients

What does a web director do?

I am responsible for an overall strategy when it comes to the development and operation of all of my clients websites.

I am also responsible for keeping the content to be published on these platforms published and properly I advocate for a dialogue between customers and developers as well as other partners where I have a good understanding of both customers’ wishes, but also the technical possibilities and limitations that exist. I have extensive experience in web development and the internet, which means that I can speak ”the right language” with each part. I come up with new creative ideas and find solutions for web and web platforms. I also have good knowledge of network and the technology behind it, and can help make good holistic, strategic decisions on the subject (including: Web hosting, DNS, domain, SEO, SEM and SoMe. But also surrounding touch points like e-mail, cloud storages, CRM systems and other collaborative solutions)